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Dorfbahnstraße 32 

A-6534 Serfaus


Tel.: +43 5476 6208
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Sports and fashion Lenz Serfaus

In our shop sports fashion Lenz you will find high quality and a well-stocked selection of sportswear for winter and summer sports. 


Moreover, we perform a wide range of sports and leisure clothing for men, women and even for the youngest athletes. 


The execution quality brands such as Sportalm, Allsport, Colmar, Salewa, Geiger, Brax, Gardeur and much more. A wide choice of colors, cuts, styles and details of our fashion offer makes it easy to find something suitable. 


Ski Rent Lenz Serfaus: 

• Skis 

• Carving skis 

• Shoes 

• Canes 

• Children's Helmets 

• Sledding 

Our Apartments

Apartment 1

for 4 people with 65 m2 




Apartments Serfaus

Apartment 2 

for 4 people with 67 m2




Apartments Serfaus

Apartment 3 

for 2 people with 35 m2



Apartments Serfaus

Apartment 4 

for 4 people with 70 m2




Apartments Serfaus

Apartment 5 

for 4-5 people with 86 m2